Hopkins 4K for Cancer

The mission of Hopkins 4K for Cancer is to unite communities across the country in the fight against cancer by spreading awareness, raising funds, and fostering hope.


July 13, 2007

by Eric Ahnmark
When this trip started back in May, most riders (myself included) thought that making it through the Rockies meant we were home free. How naïve we were. Despite its awesome beauty, Utah has presented a challenge that put even our Rocky Mountain-tested legs to the test. The day out of Bryce Canyon was filled with big climbs, false flats (roads that look flat but are actually NOT!), and stiff headwinds. Early in the day we passed an elevation sign for 7,777 ft. By the end of the day we passed another for 9,965 ft. The climbing seemed to never let up, and cresting one hill only exposed another in the distance. Luckily, the law of road biking in the mountains works much like the law of gravity. A full day of climbing only meant that a descent was in the very near future. After topping out near 10,000 ft the team was treated to a wonderful descent into Cedar City. While zooming down the mountain we could see the sandstone monoliths of Zion National Park in the distance. We arrived in Cedar City to a welcoming party, as this southwestern Utah metropolis is the hometown of one of the 4K riders, Drew Haberkorn. Several family and friends had gathered on a street corner and greeted us with signs, water, and snacks. A local reporter stopped by and interviewed several of us, and a large section of the morrow’s newspaper was devoted to the Hopkins 4K. After washing up, some of Drew’s family friends hosted a wonderful BBQ for us. Delicious food, great company, and a beautiful canyon country sunset closed a particularly strenuous day on the 4K.