Hopkins 4K for Cancer

The mission of Hopkins 4K for Cancer is to unite communities across the country in the fight against cancer by spreading awareness, raising funds, and fostering hope.


July 20, 2007

by Katherine Sommers
As far as the 4K goes, today was an easy day. It was only 55 miles, yes I realize I said just 55, I guess that shows how much Iíve changed while on this trip because before it I never would have even thought about biking 55 miles in a row. It was flat or downhill for most of the day, which made for a short day; all the groups were in by 11:30am! We found a pile of letters and packages waiting for us when we got there. Everyone loves mail drop days and we definitely appreciate all the love (and sweets) that people send us. Then we all passed out on the gym floor. On the 4K you get in a few zzzís whenever you can, 15 minutes during a van ride, 8 minutes at a water stop, so the fact that we got to sleep all afternoon was really exciting! I personally didnít sleep for too long, but I know at least Rob, Logan, and probably a few others, slept for 6 hours! The town library was right next to the community center so we got to hop on the internet for a little bit and find out was going on outside of 4K world. We had an awesome community dinner tonight! We hadnít had one in a while so we were all really excited about it. The food was great and the people who came out to meet as were amazing! A couple of girls from the town helped us name our bikes; Karaís is now officially Baby Beluga. I love the name, but every time I hear it I get the song stuck in my head, so for anybody who now has Baby Beluga stuck in there head after reading this, Iím sorry J One of the locals, Pistachio Bill, generously donated a ton of locally grown pistachios, which were quite good! Itís to bed early tonight because tomorrow weíre waking up at 3:30am and then biking 101 miles, woo-hoo!