Hopkins 4K for Cancer

The mission of Hopkins 4K for Cancer is to unite communities across the country in the fight against cancer by spreading awareness, raising funds, and fostering hope.


June 6, 2007

by Allie Wilson
All of the 4Kers were appreciative of an easy ride along Lake Michigan into Chicago today. Our route out of Michigan City took us to the beautiful and flat Route 12 as we wound our way through the trees towards our first water stop. The first 20 miles of the ride went quickly and we soon found ourselves approaching the urban sprawl that begins miles outside of Chicagoís city limits. First, however, we had to conquer the unfriendly roads of Gary, IN. Our cyclists slowly picked their way through the traffic lights and giant potholes that filled the streets only to find more of the same on the other side of the city. Nonetheless, the riders enjoyed themselves and looked forward to their first glimpse of the city that had seemed so distant the night before when observed from the shores of Michigan City.
After coming across numerous traffic issues, the 4Kers met up for lunch. Nicole appeared with food donations from Whitecastle and Burger King. Although the hot gas station parking lot was not an ideal location for a lunch stop, Ian Miller managed to give everybody a good time by inventing the 4K Olympics which consisted of an eclectic relay race. Each team was expected to hold hands while passing a used tube over each team member until the last person shimmied through the tube, and then the team members had to run a designated distance first with a bagel balanced on their face and then while jump roping another tube. Ianís creativity was just one example of the 4Kís amazing proclivity for amusing ourselves through unconventional means.
With the games over, it was time to prepare for the always challenging business of shuttling. While having all 26 riders together on the road is fun for us, it is a bit of a hassle for all involved. We blocked traffic for a good 10 miles into the city as our two vans surrounded the riders. The slow pace gave most the chance to chat and snap pictures as we got our first glance of the Chicago skyline. We rode right along Lake Michigan until we got into the city and took the turn towards our host for the night, the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Once our host had gotten us all checked into our rooms, we settled in for our two night stay in Chicago. Thanks to the Thai Wild Ginger Restaurant for providing a delicious dinner, and Ryan Hanley, the founder of the Hopkins 4K, joined us for the meal. In typical 4K fashion, we spent our time swapping stories of cycling across America with Ryan and his friend, a 4k Board Member. After dinner, we were set loose on Chicago to explore the city as best we could during our short stay.