Hopkins 4K for Cancer

The mission of Hopkins 4K for Cancer is to unite communities across the country in the fight against cancer by spreading awareness, raising funds, and fostering hope.


Nicole Errett

Trip Year: 2006
School: JHU
Hometown: Massapequa, NY
Email: nerrett1@jhu.edu
Trip Leader

Nicole Errett

By biking across the country, I hope to show people that cancer is a major battle that many face. It is not just a walk on the boardwalk one Saturday morning to raise a few dollars, or an envelope you receive in the mail with free address labels. It is a journey, filled with ups and downs, tears and emotions. It is a battle filled with heartache and loss, struggle and survival. It is a battle that needs to be won. I want to show everyone, from Baltimore to SanFrancisco that this battle CAN be won, and the victory can be OURS. I am dedicating my ride to my dad, Matt Errett, a cancer survivor who has proved to me that this victory is possible, and has been an inspiration to myself and others ever since.

Future Goals:
I hope to one day become a pediatric oncologist.

Age: 18
Major: Public Health