Hopkins 4K for Cancer

The mission of Hopkins 4K for Cancer is to unite communities across the country in the fight against cancer by spreading awareness, raising funds, and fostering hope.


July 14, 2007

by Drew Haberkorn
The day off in Cedar City, UT spread 4kers far and wide. Some riders spent time at the Haberkorn family mountain cabin, aka “Church of The Pines” while others ventured to Zion National Park to take in the sights of beautiful Southern Utah. A small handful of people stayed in Cedar City to relax and take in the local sights (such as Wal-Mart).

The Zion National Park crew spent the majority of their day hiking the 5-mile “Angel’s Landing” trail as well as the gorgeous Narrows. Our very own future National Park Ranger, Eric said his favorite part of the trip to Zion was the “views from the top of Angel’s Landing”. After a long day of hiking the 4kers dropped into the Bumbleberry Inn to try the world-renowned Bumbleberry pie. On full stomachs the riders headed back to Cedar City. The small group of riders that spent time at the Haberkorn family cabin enjoyed a wonderful pancake and sausage breakfast and a lot of time on 4-Wheelers. Just for your information, don’t get on the back of a 4-wheeler if Logan is driving – ask Peter if you want more information regarding that.

Once everyone reconvened in Cedar City it was time for our community dinner at Pat and Wendell Sproul’s house. A special thanks goes out to my mother and all of the wonderful people that contributed to making the dinner such a huge success. We were treated to BBQ Chicken, salads, and much more including Dutch oven cobblers. The food and the company were amazing. Although the dinner had a very relaxed vibe, it proved to be moving to many riders as well.

I was shocked to hear all of the stories from close friends about how they had been affected by cancer. People I have known my whole life were telling me about relatives and friends who had lost the fight with the disease, as well as stories of survivors. The night once again reminded me of how many people are put in a situation where they have to come face to face with the vicious epidemic. It was a refreshing inspiration that reminded me of why I am doing this trip. Thank you again to all of the wonderful people of Cedar City who helped us out! Take care!