Hopkins 4K for Cancer

The mission of Hopkins 4K for Cancer is to unite communities across the country in the fight against cancer by spreading awareness, raising funds, and fostering hope.


June 26, 2007

by Eric Ahnmark
The team has been “in the saddle” for exactly one month now, as we left Baltimore on May 26th. Today was uncharacteristically cool with a strong crosswind. Most 4Kers dug out the arm and leg warmers for the first time as we circled up for our morning meeting and ride dedication. The first few miles of the morning ride were extremely difficult as the high winds hit us directly in the face. Thankfully the road turned westward and a brutal headwind transformed into merely a brutal crosswind. The team had high hopes to get our first glimpse of the Rockies today, but perpetually overcast skies kept the mountains hidden from sight. The wheat and corn along the road heaved with the force of the wind, and at one point a stop sign we passed was whipping back and forth. Aside from the pesky wind, the day’s cooler temperature presented a welcomed surprise. One bank sign we passed claimed it to be 73 degrees outside, a full 20 degrees cooler from yesterday. The Summit Baptist Church in Wiggins provided a hearty lasagna and deep-dish pizza dinner. Thanks so much!!! To Boulder tomorrow and certainly our first glimpse of the majestic Rockies.